New vs used kid’s bikes

30 June 2021

New vs used kid’s bikes

Having access to a bike is a wonderful thing, it helps kids build confidence, learn new skills and have fun whilst on two wheels. But with new bikes being in high demand and the industry currently suffering low stock levels, many are looking at alternative avenues to get their kids on bikes.

We take a look at the pros and cons of buying a new bike vs buying a used bike:


We at Frog have invested a great deal of time, money and research to bring you the best, child-specific bikes that make cycling and learning to cycle both enjoyable and easy for children.

Purchasing new bikes obviously comes with many benefits, but the current availability issues have put a bit of a spanner in the works.

Here are the pros and cons of purchasing a new bike:


  • ✔ Bikes are brand new and in perfect condition
  • ✔ New bikes come with a warranty to cover bike problems or defects
  • ✔ Frog Bikes offer an extended warranty to cover the bike for a longer period of time
  • ✔ Choose from a variety of colours, sizes and styles
  • ✔ Select the right size bike to fit your child’s measurements and needs
  • ✔ Receive expert advice and fitting from independent bike stores
  • ✔ Being able to hop in the saddle and try it out for size at the bike shop
  • ✔ Good resale value if you choose to resell the bike once outgrown


  • ✖ Current stock availability issues
  • ✖ Cost is higher than purchasing a used bike

If you are currently searching for a new Frog Bike, we recommend contacting your local stockist for availability. Our factory is making hundreds of bikes every day and sending them to our stores worldwide.


Used children’s bikes also come with many pros, so it is definitely worth considering this option when looking for a bike for your child, especially at this present time.

Frog Bikes are built with robust, quality componentry, which means that the bikes can be enjoyed by several owners, over many years.

In the interest of extending the life of Frog Bikes, we offer an alternative route to becoming a Frog owner. Both our Factory outlet (currently only in the UK) and many of our stockists offer pre-loved, refurbished or slightly imperfect bikes at a reduced cost. There is also an independent pre-loved Facebook page (not part of Frog Bikes).

Here are the pros and cons of purchasing a used bike:


  • ✔ Cheaper than buying new
  • ✔ Many bikes are built to be robust so will still be in good working condition


  • ✖ Might not be in perfect condition but can be inspected and serviced with the Frog Bike MOT Scheme (currently a pilot scheme available in 6 stores in the UK), or taken for a general bike service at any local bike store
  • ✖ Might not be the style of choice
  • ✖ May not be able to find the exact size or colour bike you’re looking for
  • ✖ Will not be covered by a warranty as this is not transferable to a subsequent owner


Whilst there may be some risks with purchasing a used bike, we take a look at the 10 things to consider to help you find a great used bike. We would also recommend taking the bike to a local store to carry out a service once the bike has been purchased.

  1. 1. Does it look clean and looked after?
  2. 2. Are there any signs of a fall or heavy impact?
  3. 3. If a geared bike, can all the gears be shifted?
  4. 4. Do the brakes work?
  5. 5. Do the tyres look worn or damaged?
  6. 6. Has anything on the bike been replaced or repaired?
  7. 7. Can you feel play in the area of the handlebars?
  8. 8. Is there any service/maintenance evidence for the bike?
  9. 9. Check the wheels are straight and spinning true? Are there any wobbles or loose spokes?
  10. 10. Take it for a test drive and make sure it feels like it it rides smoothly

We hope this guide helps you decide the best route to take in your search for a bike.

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